2017 in Review

As promised we are writing briefly today to talk about what 2017 brought to Healthy Strides. It’s really easy to see why this year was so important as it was the year of the company’s inception and official opening. Let’s take a look back and see what happened in 2017!

January – First and second meetings with Kim Dan about the mission of Healthy Strides.

February – Name is chosen as Healthy Strides. We wanted to make our name modern, fresh, and to the point. We built this practice to help empower our  clients and enable them to make forward progress. An upcoming article will explain the name in more detail. Keep your eyes open!

April – Kim and Dan attend the OK Corral training in Nashville and become certified in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning in the Camouflage training. The mission was defined as helping veterans and deployed families.

April – Logo is finalized and website is taken live.

May – Healthy Stride’s mission expands into treatment of ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

May – Healthy Strides opens officially for clients on a private pay basis. Insurance credentialing begins.

June – Our professional open house was a smash hit. Representatives from Macon and Piatt county come to see what we are made of.

June – Donnette Beckett puts us on the front page of the Decatur Herald and Review. Our website hits saw a 6-fold increase from this article alone. (Link)

July – Healthy Strides launches their Autism Spectrum Disorder alternative treatment model. The mission changes!

July – Healthy Strides takes its first paying paying client.

August – Healthy Strides performs a massive update our their clinical tools to ensure focus on the client is top priority. Client portal, easy billing, and secure messaging are added.

August – Our first major breakthrough occurs when the Argenta Oreana School District invites the team to meet with the principals and social workers to discuss the needs of the district and the county.

August – Healthy Strides is accepted by Magellan and Magellan Employee Assistance Program

September – The team hit the road (a short road) to the Argenta Business Expo

September – Argenta Oreana High School teachers join the team on a blazing hot day to learn about responses to escalation of trauma, anxiety, and anger. reports were received that it was a smash hit.

September – Dan heads to the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana to present Healthy Strides to students of Social Work and Entrepreneurship. One student interviews the staff and gives a poster presentation of the results. (Link)

September – Healthy Strides opens to a packed house for the first ever Wine and Whinnies Date Night. Horses, friends, romance, games, dinner, and smores. An amazing night!

October – Another major breakthrough! Dan secures a preliminary acceptance for 2019 for Healthy Strides to take on one intern from UIUC School of Social Work.

October – Healthy Strides announces it will accept Tricare Prime, Reserve, and Select starting January 1, 2018.

November – Healthy Strides is accepted by Blue Cross as a preferred provider.

November – Healthy Strides introduces the all-new Equine assisted Counseling program for short term counseling needs. (Link)

November – Blue Cross finalizes intentions and plans to take over Medicaid programming from Central Illinois.

December – Planning for the team’s first book is underway!

December – Dan accepts a part time position teaching college level psychology in Argenta Oreana High School


It seems like so much for one little year! Be on the lookout for the next post about what 2018 holds for Central Illinois!

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