Telehealth Has Arrived!

That’s right! Our noting and payment software has finally added telehealth ability. This means Healthy Strides therapists will be able to provide therapy and counseling in a secure and online environment. If you know someone who would love services and need or prefer an online environment, they can email us at healthystrideseap@gmail.com or call at 217-383-0065 and checkout https://healthystrideseap.com/2018/08/08/telehealth-coming-soon-to-healthy-strides/

Telehealth coming soon to Healthy Strides

It’s been a while since we had news. Healthy Strides has exploded. We’ve already filled up Laura’s general schedule. We hoped for that scheduling boom to occur within 3-4 months of Laura starting. It happened in 3 weeks.


Now comes one of our biggest announcements to date. We do not have a solid date at this point, but some time in August or September, Healthy Strides will be offering an entirely new method of therapy services. Healthy Strides will begin to offer telehealth services using our HIPAA-compliant and secure software.

What does this mean?


This means we can offer traditional therapy services, Online, to the entire State of Illinois! Dan has done telehealth before and there are amazing benefits to this system. In most cases, clients CAN use medical insurance to pay for the sessions. We will be able to reach into communities who have poor or no access to services, or who would like to try standard office services outside of their city and county. These services are the exact same services you expect with standard office psychotherapy and counseling but online. The standard and professional guidance are the same.


Who is telehealth good for?

Lots of people!

You may be appropriate for Healthy Strides Telehealth if you…

  • Live in a city or county with little or poor services
  • Have specific anxiety about being in an office, face to face
  • Have difficulty with driving or transport
  • Have a difficult schedule that typically makes mental health appointments difficult
  • and plenty of other reasons

We are not open as of this point. We will continue to update you as we know more.

What do you need to be a Healthy Strides Telehealth Client?

You MUST live in and have a permanent address inside the lines of the State of Illinois. Current standards for the American Counseling Association and the National Association of Social Workers dictates that our staff are only allowed to work with clients in the state we are located. At this time, our staff is located only in Illinois.

You are STRONGLY encouraged to be in a private location free from distraction and eavesdropping.

You will need a smartphone, tablet, or computer with the following;

  1. External or integrated webcam
  2. External or integrated microphone
  3. Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  4. An Internet connection – We recommend Wifi or Ethernet with a connection of at least 10MBps

Smartphones included are all Android and iOs platforms with a browser (Chrome or Safari)


And that’s it! Staff will take you through an intake and assessment and your psychotherapy or counseling begin.


We are extremely excited to be able to offer these services soon. Standby for more news!