It’s time for the 2018 review and look ahead to 2019

Dan here. It’s almost 2019 already! What the heck happened??? Don’t worry, even though I am not a father I will be sure to drop a dad joke and tell you all tomorrow that I haven’t seen you since last year.

Ok now that the crickets are done chirping, let’s see what happened in 2018 and how it absolutely destroyed our goals. Then we will take a look into 2019 and tell you what to expect.

2018 in review

  • Exploded our client list from 3 to 16. In January, Kim and I had a meeting to discuss client expansion. We had 3 clients going into 2018 and said by April we wanted 4 total. Slow growth we said. However, by mid April we didn’t have 3, we had 8. We had exploded and the names kept coming in which led to…
  • Hired Laura Butts, LCSW as a second therapist. She has been an amazing addition
  • Started and achieved Horses and Teens Together, our new group for teen girls
  • Started taking AETNA and United insurance out of network and Bluer Choice PPO
  • Announced telehealth, our HIPPA secured video session program
  • Rescued Rosie the kitten
  • Opened the second location of Healthy Strides in Forsyth for traditional therapy sessions
  • Changed and expanded our hours. We are currently open Monday-Thursday 4-8pm Our new schedule in Forsyth will be announced soon

2019 expectations

With so much happening in 2018 let’s take a small sneak peek at 2019

  • We expect Forsyth to be open by January 15
  • Healthy Strides is hosting our first ever OK Corrall Series event! We are hosting the Green seminar. See information here [LINK]
  • We will be starting a brand new, 4-week undergraduate internship opportunity for students interested in psychology, social work, or medicine as a career. More info to come
  • Look out for a new set of outreach movements on the way!

We will have more to announce as plans solidify

We are so happy to usher in 2019! It’s going to be explosive!