Healthy Strides, LLC was formed in 2017 in Central Illinois as a new and alternative answer to more traditional psychotherapy. The team of Daniel Giers and Kim Brown are trained in the OK Corral Series of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy or EAP. EAP uses the power of herd behavior to teach, educate, and treat a variety of life stressors and mental illness through the genuine and honest nature of the horse. EAP is an efficient method that uses the horse’s nonverbal communication to mirror our own struggles and triumphs. The experience is truly unique and is praised by current and former clients.

Healthy Strides brings the first EAP model to Central Illinois to work with multiple issues including anxiety, depression, family therapy, PTSD, and at-risk youth. Dan and Kim serve civilians, veterans, children and adolescents, adults, families from the surrounding counties to take part in this powerful therapeutic process.

EAP consists almost solely on ground exercises alongside talk therapy and behavior recognition and modification. Your safety and mental health are paramount and the team approach help you focus on your feelings and awareness. While in the pasture performing hands on exercises, the psychotherapist guides you through patterns and past stressors while the equine specialist works with you to recognize your own behaviors as seen through the eyes and body language of the horse. Both members are highly trained and certified through the OK Corral Series with Greg Kersten, the founder of EAGALA and the EAP model. Due to the outdoor and experiential nature of the process, we find several benefits over the traditional talk therapy of the modern office.

If you feel ready to take control of your life or are prepared to work through life stressors utilizing one of the most unique and efficient therapeutic models in psychology, call or email us today to begin your new journey One Stride at a Time.