Healthy Strides Moving into 2022

Healthy Strides Will Be Hiring Soon!!!

On May 15, we told you we have five big announcements and gave you four. We’ve been waiting until we formalized some plans. Today is that day!

As of today, Healthy Strides is working on completing contract agreements to hire a second therapist! Doing so will allow us to potentially triple our client capacity!

As of now, Healthy Strides has a total capacity of 10 clients. 8 of those spots have been filled. Dan works at a second private practice and teaches. This, coupled with medical issues has made it impossible for Dan to open up a vast amount of hours.

None of Dan’s clients will be transferred to another staff member. However, he believes that he should not be the reason for our program to stagnate at a low amount of hours.

As such, in the next week or two, Healthy Strides will begin the formal search process.

Please note that this post DOES NOT officially open hiring. We will have a second post and ad on Indeed.com and possibly jobseeker.com.

This position will require at a minimum a masters degree is social work, counseling, psychology, or marriage and family therapy along with a state license that makes a prospective client able to work in a clinical capacity. Some preferences we consider are experience or academic focus in child therapy as well as a calm approach to the horses.

We want a therapist who will not come just for a job. Instead we want a family member looking for their perfect home.

We are so pleased with this new outcome and we are equally pleased with our upcoming ability to massively expand hours for clients in Macon and surrounding counties.

Stay tuned!!

Healthy Strides Now Accepts Health Alliance!

As of today, 4/4/18, Healthy Strides is now accepting clients who use Health Alliance as their insurance carrier. Health Alliance has always been a wonderful program and easy to work with on our side. We are pleased to be able to accept this and grow our potential client base!


We are currently finalizing the steps needed to accept Blue Cross Medicaid clients as well. Updates coming

We are back!

Good Morning to all friends of Healthy Strides!

We are pleased to announce that after 10 days off, Dan is on the mend and ready to get back to it. As of this week, we are opening limited hours on Thursday’s in order to accommodate our major influx of clients. Be on the lookout for some potentially major changes coming!

Insurance and Hours and Programs, Oh My!

As expected, the executive meeting went very well. Better than expected. In the coming weeks we have major announcements coming. Five in total.

For now, you get four of the announcements. All of them are delightful!

First, we have a major announcement for insurance. As of April 1st, Healthy Strides will be accepting Health Alliance. Because we will be fully credentialed, your copays and deductibles will be considered in-network. This helps to pass savings on to you. Health Alliance will open up a large portion of Macon and Champaign County for services.

Second, as of next week, Healthy strides will begin evening hours on Thursdays only. We have been absolutely swamped with new clients. In effort to avoid going to a wait list, we are expanding by one evening for the time being. Kim and Dan will be discussing future openings as well. Be on the lookout for future openings.

Third, as of March 1st, we have brought on a dedicated biller to help streamline our process. Please welcome Sarah Giers to the team. In the future she will be taking EAL training. We will be placing her on our team page soon!

Finally for today, our next Wine and Whinnies date is open for registration! Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us on May 5th from 6-9 PM with relaxing but engaging horse fun. Then relax by the fire pit while we serve you delectable Mexican dishes and wine. All of these services will be included in one price for each couple. We will have the registration page open shortly. If you can’t wait for the page to open, call 217-383-0065 or email healthystrideseap@gmail.com to reserve today!

Here Comes 2018!

Hopefully Dan’s New Year’s resolution wasn’t to be on time with updates! So ten days late, here we are with 2018.

We had a great 2017 which you can see at this link.

Here is what 2018 has in store for Healthy Strides and Macon and Piatt Counties

  • The team plans on doubling offered service hours by April. We have more clients coming in as we speak
  • Dan will be starting his job at Argenta-Oreana High School in January teaching college level psychology to high school seniors. This helps keep Dan in the mix alongside Kim who has served the school districts for years
  • Kim and Dan plan on hitting three new school districts before 2018 ends. These districts will include Moroa-Forsyth, Cerro Gordo, and Decatur
  • The team will reopen talks with the Region of Education once the weather warms to work on potentially free services backed by secondary grants
  • We will host another in-service for AO School District this year.
  • Wine and Whinnies is returning! The team aims for a return in May. Dates will be announced well in advance. Keep an eye out. Our trial run was extremely fun.
  • During the spring and summer of 2018, Healthy Strides will run a needs and potential report. If it passes muster, we will be insulating the entire barn and adding pull heaters. Doing so will assure we rarely miss a session for cold temperatures
  • In May the team will be setting up a meeting with local social workers to describe all we offer and what we do
  • Plus many more little things to help

We are quite glad to have this little company as our own. We are blessed with a great county and good school districts to back us every step of the way. See you soon for more updates.